Unit-tests / TDD with TypeScript

A couple of blog posts ago we've set up a basic build-line, in particular for TypeScript. In this post we'll get our hands-on again and apply some automagic stuff for doing TDD and / or unit-testing on our builds.

Where business logic isolation fails with RDBMSses

There is tight coupling involved between a database structure and an application. There's no way around it. And that's okay. But what I think is not okay, is setting rules about the relations more than once.

Creating a resilient Front-End build process

During development you will work with lots of individual files, comments, testers and such, to ensure that the project is structurally sound, but also understandable for humans. But as soon as we deploy for our client, there will only be machines interpreting your code, and we’d like to get rid of all that isn’t strictly necessary and really get the highest performance we can get. In this article, I give an example of a routine for doing exactly that (with TypeScript as foundation)