Lean startup

When starting a business you often have a perceived product in mind. It will be great and everybody will use this – you tell yourself. The reality will settle in when your financial buffer deteriorates, family and friends start to lose faith, your product won’t come along as quickly as you thought and user adoption seems a rare thing. I have experienced this first hand, and I can tell you it can be challenging (understatement) on all kinds of levels. Many fail, and perseverance doesn’t necessarily express itself in success.

What you search for is a hand, some red line that you can follow that can order the chaos and bring valuable focus.

Eric Ries offers this hand in the form of a book. He teaches you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to starting a product company. Before you know it you’ll be back on track and words like

  • pivot or persevere (feedback loop)
  • innovation accounting
  • value proposition
  • Minimally Viable Product (MVP)
  • validated learning
  • “how would Ries do this”

will hum through your head. And if applied thoroughly, the sound of money will ring in your ears 😉

Relevant when:

  • you are running a product business
  • you are innovating from within a bigger company
  • you want to understand why your boss is so keen on agile methodologies and keeps changing course so often




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